What We Do

At Barganier and Associates, we believe that "bigger is not always better." Competency does not lie in the size of the organization, rather in the application of knowledge and experience to solutions that work for our individual client situations, both quantitative and qualitative. Our national practice consults with members of senior management on unclaimed property issues and applies a wide array of subject matter expertise to their engagements combining advanced technology, law, accounting, internal audit and experience gained from other Fortune 500 industry and executive negotiations. We provide all the services and benefits of a national consulting firm without you, the client, having to risk that perhaps an untrained, untried professional has been assigned to your project. Because we specialize in serving Fortune 500 clients, our clients benefit from the principals' attention, the efficiencies of a well-run innovative organization, the value gained through experiences working with other Fortune 500 organizations, all without the bureaucracy of a larger firm.

Barganier and Associates: The Unclaimed Property Innovators